privacy policy

1. introduction

1.1 this website is operated by CS SEO. See company information in the footer.

1.2 we do our best to protect the privacy of our website users.

1.3 this policy applies to our role as controller or processor of personal data.

2. We may use cookies on this website. More information can be found in our cookie policy.

3. Use of personal data

3.1 when a user sends a message via the website contact, we may have personal data. Then we have this send message. We will delete the information received through contact within 45 days.

4. Share your personal data with others

4.1 we will not share your personal data with anyone.

5. Store your personal data

5.1 we will store your personal data and password protection on a secure server.

5.2 sending information over the Internet is not 100% secure. Hackers may attack data.

6. Links to third party property.

6.1 this website links to third party websites. In some stages, we are associated with these third parties. Data related to clicking links to these third-party media resources, as well as any personal information you provide to such media resources, are provided to third parties, not to this website. We have no influence or control over these third party websites and their privacy policies. We recommend that you read their privacy policy and terms of use.

7. Access and deletion

7.1 if you want to view or delete any personal information we may have about you. Please contact It may take up to 20 days to process your request.

7.2 in order to identify, you will be required to provide a copy of your passport to prove your identity.