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Instructions for using cookies on this website

Our website is using cookies. Cookies is a small file of data sent from our website and stored on your computer.

By using cookies, you can help us improve the functionality of our website. They are important for reducing load time and improving the user experience. Cookies will collect information about how visitors use our website, thus providing us with useful information about how to provide a better user experience and improve services.

Disable cookies

You can choose to change your cookies preferences. This includes the option to disable all cookies. You can do this with settings in the browser. Learn more about disabling cookies at about or in the help section of your browser.

Third party cookies

This site will use third-party services such as Google Analytics. These cookies allow us to understand how visitors interact with our website. We will use this information to improve our website to provide the best user experience.

Please note that this website does not use any cookies, such as IP address, which will save user information. Google Analytics tab is set to IP anonymity.